I'm a believer of goals. I love goals. I write them down so I can see what I've achieved and what I have to work on. I'm not a believer in "failure" because I don't think you ever fail at things. They just morph into other things.

Walked with my mom last night and let me tell ya, biking or no biking the Weekend to End Breast Cancer next weekend is going to be hard. I have lost so much tone and stamina it's sad. But like I've said you just have to suck it up. Put some moleskin on your feet hotspots and walk. Because what is the slogan "Cancer is hard, walking isn't" It's true. Cancer is hard. Watching people around you have cancer, having to deal with unknown is brutal. I am very lucky that I haven't had it but in my "circle" I have 3 friends who are in my age group that are fighting it right now! That's 3 people aged 27-36 that have cancer. It's not an "old person" thing. It's an everybody disease.

Speaking of which, if you can spare a few prayers, please go read Kate's story, a beautiful young girl my oldest age has a brain tumor. How is that possible? I know it's possible, because I have a 2 year old cousin who has tumors in the eyes so this disease has no boundaries. Ahh..

Anyways off to the something, with the girls.. Should be fun.. Because isn't taking a 5 yr old and 3 yr old anywhere just joyous :)


Alicia said...

great post! and that poor girl! she's in our prayers!

Jo-Ann said...

I have always said, pediatric and oncologist are two words that should never have to go together. She will be in our prayers.

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