Old at heart, young in age?

I realized last night that I'm old. Really old. I'm 32 years old, which is young, but I'm old. Or maybe just exhausted and well a mom.

Went to a friend of mines Stagette last night and was yawning at 8. Seriously, yawning. Thinking about my nice warm bed by 9 and was home, yep home by 11. Sad. I remember the "good old days" where you just needed a drink and a dj and you'd be set until morning. Granted two kids under 5 changes a lot. You use ALL the energy you have running around and playing barbies, and trying to not fall asleep by 3 let alone staying out past your bedtime - 10. Oh times have changed.

I did have fun, while I was awake. I was telling Sal last night, he missed prime houchy season last night. Wow, I didn't realize many many dresses only cover the va-jay-jay and that's it. I don't know how twenty something girls today do it. I would never have worn a dress that was so short that all my parts were almost showing. Crazy, kids today I tell ya *shaking my fist like an old woman * People watching is always enjoyable. I do love people watching.

I didn't drink, because not only am I old, I'm cheap. CHEAP. 8 for a drink seriously nuts. Oh well. Times have a changed I tell ya..

There ya go, the story of an old woman.


fullfreezer said...

Don't feel too bad, my 15 year old won't wear those dresses because she feels too 'exposed'. I don't think it's so much an age but a mindset.

Alicia said...

haa! i know the feeling! i'm only 26 and i can't hang like i used to!!

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