Trials and Tribulations

So many of you know that I have pretty much given up the grocery store.  It's just too junk food intensive and I'm weak.  So I prefer to shop at the market for real foods.  I also am in the corner of now that I know how those egg laying hens, cows, pigs etc are treated I can't (or won't) buy from the grocery store.  It's a personal choice. 

Now that we are in it, we are finding somethings out that I didn't quite realize before.  One of which we go through A LOT of eggs.  Like 2 dozen a week.  These aren't normally eaten just as eggs, but in muffins, pancakes and all those other things.  We like eggs.  They are a pretty awesome super food.  But it really sucks when you are out of eggs and the market doesn't open for another day.  So now I have to readjust my eating plans for the day.  And because if I "slip" just a little I know I could possibly buy that bag of chips or that whatever so here I sit and think well tomorrow is another day, a day for the Kingsland Farmers Market  and then I can make this bread which I really kinda want.. Gluten free Spotted Dog Bread from the Gluten Free Goddess. 

So tomorrow, I'll buy 3 dozen eggs and see if that works.  I'm thinking we need to figure out a way to get rid of at least a dozen eggs but making from scratch leads to lots of eggs..


fullfreezer said...

Or... you get your own chickens! I bet your girls would love that!!
We are fortunate enough here that we can get locally produced farm eggs even in the grocery store.

Jenn M said...

I would totally get my own chickens but sadly Calgary has a bylaw that forbides it. Believe me I checked!! I even had Sal on board :)

fullfreezer said...

What a bummer! You'll have to get together with a few like minded people and start a petition. I know here people have been trying to get an urban chickens ordinance passed in the past year. Of course, we moved out of city limits so we don't have to worry.

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