Going green .. thumb..

I am reading a book right now about seasonality and food.  It's a really great book, that I have to say when I saw the title I thought oh crap a hippy book. And it is, sort of, but really it's just a book by a family of 4 who moved from Tuscon Arizona to a rural area in southern Appalachian and began a year long adventure in eating only local, home grown sustatainable food - sound familiar?!  Animal Vegetable, Miracle is is a really great read if you are on the fence about eating locally and in season. Sound familiar?  It's a movement I tell ya. 

Anyways I've just ordered my seeds for the year.  I will probably get some more from the garden center but for now I'm happy with my order.  I'll have about 6-7 types of tomatoes, some zucchini, beans, lots of lettuce and the like.  I ordered from Salt Spring Seed company if you are interested!!  I know I'm late in the game but hopefully they will be here in a few days and boom, I'll have a mini greenhouse factory going in my house..  The girls are very excited about the ramped up production we will be having! I'm just happy we will be growing our food in conjunction with a CSA.. :)

Happy weekend!


Sara said...

Sounds like you are going to have quite the garden. I love planning for this each year.

Jenn M said...

I'm hopeful.


Michelle said...

I loved that book when I read it a few years ago...I may have to pull it out for reread.

Good Luck !

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