Note to self .. March 1st edition

Just a couple note to self's this week. 

  • Remember to update blog more than once a week.  You had a goal remember? 
  • Dairy is NOT your friend.  It sucks, move on.  And stop consuming any dairy please.. Thanks ..your guts ;)
  • Seed planting starts tomorrow.  March 2nd.  I'll have leeks, and a few tomato seedlings
  • Gluten Free Goddess's bread recipe is the one to keep.  It actually holds up after 3 days.  And freezes.  So remember to always have on hand: millet, teff/buckwheat, and almond flour
  • Sticking up for your child may not be the popular vote around the playground ie: you may get the stink eye, but you are doing the right thing and you know you don't over-react ever so it must have been important to go all mama bear!
  • We are almost completely out of factory farmed meat.  I couldn't just throw it out - that would have been even more of a travisty.  So get on the ordering..
  • Your family goes through 4 loaves of bread every 10 days as of March 1st, 2012

I think those are all the points of the week.  How did your weeks shape up?

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