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My friend Michelle, from Simply Happy Mama tagged me in her questions and I thought I'd give them a go here. 

1. Do you like to cook or bake ? Both or neither. What is your favorite recipe?

Yuppers!  I don't have a favorite recipe that I can eat now.  But my absolute favorite before being forced to going gluten free and dairy free would have been Canadian Living Chocolate Cake.  It's been  a challenge and you know I like a challenge to bake gluten free but if you ask me in a year I'll probably be able to tell you!  And for cooking, I do love to cook.  I'm not a real cookbook for cooking kinda gal - more of a wing it person but I love love love slow cooked pulled pork!

2. A place you would love to visit but have not yet ?

Italy.  My husbands family is from there so it seems like a cool place and a great excuse..

3. Favorite childhood book?

Charlottes Web or anything from the  Nancy Drew series

4. What restaurant do you like to take your kids (grandkids) to ? Why ?

We don't go to restaurants any more due to affore mentioned allergies but before we took the kids to Montana's frequently.  They loved those mooses.. ;)

5. Favorite flavor of ice cream ?

6. Are you a thrift store shopper?

7. Are you a sweet or salty lover ?

I'm a salted carmel girl so both?!
8. Favorite color ?

9. Best movie you have ever seen ?

Dirty dancing .. Pretty in Pink .. I'm a cult classic kinda gal.
10. Winter or summer vacation ?

Winter. I would love to get rid of winter for 2 weeks every year.  But for now we stick close to home and camp during the summer
Want to play along .. Please do and send me a link with your answers!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for playing Jen ! I love the old movies (did I just type that). Sixteen Candles, St Elmo's Fire & Pretty Pink...love love love them !

How did I know you had gone Gluten free. There seems to be more and more sites popping up now. Have you been to Gluten Free Girl - Excellent site.

I just started Charlotte's Web the other night with Laila !

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