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My husband, god bless him, said to me the other day after I was making homeade yogurt "when did you turn into a hippie" .. He wasn't meaning it negatively, he just was thinking back to the days prekids.  You know those days where you didn't care about what you ate, what you fed yourself, heck you didn't particilarily care what you ate.  You just ate.  Period.  End of story.  He even reminded me of my fridge pre him, pre kids pre everything.  It was green.  Sadly I'm not talking about the avocado green color that many fridges were.  He was talking about the various shades of mold, that were growing in my fridge.  You see, I've always loved shopping.  The grocery store was always my "safe" place.  I knew I wanted to change, so I bought food, but I didn't really want to get off the unhealthy train of fast food.  So I would buy fruits and vegetables and pretend I was healthy but really I was just a scientist creating different strains of bacteria lol.

Now look at me.  I make yogurt (with incubation periods of 16 hrs - so it doesn't hurt my pretty sensitive guts) I haven't bought a canned anything in over two years because I make them better.  A baked good does not come from the grocery store any longer.  It is made by me, for my family.  I control everything.   Everything. 

And now the next chapter of our life.  I am going to break free of the grocery store completely.  (well as completely as I can because I am not a cloth loving toilet paper mommy ;)) You see I've been a reader my entire life.  Lately my reading has went from well fiction (romance) to non fiction.  And those non fiction books like Food Inc; Omnivores Dilemma; Fast Food Nation just to name a few; have gotten us thinking.  And I do say US, because as much as I was the reader .. Sal would hear me say "are you freaking kidding me" and like any good husband said whatcha talking about and I would tell him.  And then we watched a movie.  A movie that made me gag.  Food Inc.  Now this little movie, although  I am sure is biased and probably not a 100% accurate with both sides of the story being told.  But it makes you think.  Well it made me think.  And it made me rethink what we eat.  I am at the begining of this food story.  This new chapter of our life.

So stay tuned.  You don't need another yogurt recipe on the web, so this won't be the place. However I will show you resources and blogs that did help me in my hippy-dom.And maybe something will be triggered in you..

I'm not a food writer, I'm not even so much as a food blogger, but I am a concerned (and hopefully educated) mom/wife/friend/daughter..

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