3 years ago today, I leaned over my dad's bed at the hospice and told him what I knew. 

I knew that I wouldn't see him alive again. 

I knew that my kids wouldn't see him again (and that I was very grateful that my girls saw him one last time a few days prior)

I knew that it was time for him to move on.  To absolve himself of the cancer.  (or so I really hope)

I knew that he was loved and that we would miss him. 

I knew that my dad wouldn't be forgotten. 

I also knew that he made it to his 62nd birthday.

I told him that I was so proud of him.

I asked him to check in from time to time.

I told him that it was time to go.

I told him that I loved him so so so very much.

Today dad would have been 65. 

Tomorrow, he has been dead for 3 years.

I miss him.  I love him..


fullfreezer said...

Hugs to you Jenn. Your story makes me appreciate my Dad and the time I've had with him even more. He shares a birthday with yours. Today, my Dad is 86. And I love him as well.

Jenn M said...

That's so awesome Judy!

Happy birthday to your dad.

Sara Dahlman said...

Jenn, from all of your posts about your Dad I can see how blessed he was to have a child such as yourself. Your love for him overflows and keeps his memory alive. Hugs... I know it is still painful for you. Keep remembering. xx

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