Eating locally?!

45 days ago, I decided along with Sal (albeit not as gladly) that we would try to be more sustainable.  Try to eat as locally and as in season as possible.  Keep in mind it was January in ALBERTA so this was a pretty far fetched idea but no one has ever called me sane so here we go.  We went into it with a few rules.  It could be from some far reaching place that luckily grows oranges but it couldn't be a tomato from chilie.. So nothing out of season.  This was a lot trickier than I thought.  But that's ok.  I just did it.

Luckily here in Calgary we do have two great farmers market that support local farmers (to a point) but they are tricky.  We are so ingrained to have a pepper in January, even if it isn't in season or local that farmers markets actually had to provide that service (and believe me I have wanted to get that pepper) so it is hard to get local.  And again we are talking local first.  So guess what is on our menu A LOT.  Parsnips, carrots, potatoes and repeat.  Oh don't forget the stuff we did preserve or freeze .. we do have a lot of tomatoes, green beans and peaches.  So it hasn't been that awful.. Is it getting old, yup it is.. But I am determined.  I know that just around the bend, ok 2-3 months, we will have asparagus and brocolli.  I never in my wildest dream thought I'd be excited about brocoli season.  EVER. But that's going to be the fun part.  Eating locally, tasting actual food that hasn't been shipped from who knows, with crazy weird chemicals.

But this is the solution and the problem all in one.  Because I didn't plan ahead, save for a few vegi's that I froze or canned last year we didn't have much in the cupboards.  Now for this year we have signed up with a CSA and will be canning and preserving up a storm to get through the lean winter months.  And eating locally all year long!  We, and by we I do mean I (for the time being) are pretty excited about this challenge..Just think, we are so close to being free from the grocery store or at least 85% free of the grocery store.. Exciting times in this household. 

Have you went to the local train?  How have you done it?


Michelle said...

It's funny you post about this. I'm doing my best - and putting off Mister Man who keeps asking me if pineapple and watermelon are in season yet (ummm sorry, Sweetie). I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, too... and still looking for a really good source of local meat, but I'm getting there!

Jenn M said...

Yeah my girls are seriously jonesing for a strawberry and pineapple. Yeah kid that will be a while.. Strawberries are only a few months off though so I WILL be taking crates of them to freeze.

I am going to try my hand at growing watermelons here. I don't have much belief they will work but maybe with a lot of parenting and babying them they will sort of grow.. ;)

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