My many resolutions.

I have a rule about resolutions. Don't make'm.

I do however have year goals.

So here it goes.

I want to can/preserve something every month. More in the height of canning season.

I want to be a better baker. I want to challenge myself to do more and cooler baking. But still be mindful to my waistline.  This one will be interesting without gluten or dairy, but I like a challenge. 

I am going to bike every day as many times in 6 months as I can, to both get in shape and train for the ride to conquer cancer.  (if you feel like supporting me in this quest go here Jenn's conquering Cancer)

And my favorite. I want to be a better drinker. No really. I picked up a book. It makes it legit.  Uncorked!  From what I've read, it's about the best wines under $25 that are sold in Alberta, I plan on going through a lot if wine. Lol 

Here's the first one.

Happy New Year

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