My Gluten Free life

Gluten free is tough.  I've been at this for about a month now and for the most part it has been smooth sailing.. I never had that euphoric high with wheat that many people had.  I didn't crave it when I wasn't able to have it.  I wanted a good slice of toast but I was ok without having it. 

I met BOB and all of his glory!  Brown rice flour, teff, sogrhum, starches .. those have become my new flours.  I've read books upon books about Gluten Free, and my life changing baking book RATIO which has helped me get out of volume measurements and back to scaling everything.  I've learned that for the most part 1/3 of every cookie/cake/bread should be a starch beit Tapioca, potato or arrowroot. 

I've also learned that dear god there are a lot of products with hidden gluten.  As I've said before, read every label no matter if you think it should be safe because it doesn't feel good if you miss something.  I missed "may contain wheat" in peanuts so that means there were probably traces of wheat in it and I was a miserable mess last night.  I wasn't as sick as say the "natural flavored rice" the other night but I was a gassy, painful mess.  So just read everything.  Gluten free isn't hard, it is actually sort of exciting.  You just have to get over the fear and your guts start to heal.  



Sara said...

Reading the labels is key, right? We are trying to cut our carbs here, at least the bad ones. Not easy at all!

Jenn M said...

Yup reading is key. But you will be surprised how you miss it.

I was talking to my mom and she didn't believe me when I said that this rice had wheat in it and she started saying the ingredients .. soy, wheat, oil, x, x and said see no wheat. I had to laugh and told her to go back 3.. It is such a part of our lives that those words "wheat, barley,etc" we don't even see. Crazy!

Good luck with the carbs. They are hard to lose! :)

Michelle said...

Ohhhh I feel for you. All those "natural flavorings" ingredients are so often based in dairy or gluten, and we have to watch the dairy for Little Miss. Bummer! And even gluten free products are wrong sometimes - a friend's son got SO sick on a gluten free chicken nugget dinner :s

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