Read Labels

Labels.  You look for fat, calories, sugar, salt .. you may miss something but whatever it won't be a big thing.  So you have a few more calories.  Just make up for it the next day.. All is good.  Or you can have a gluten allergy and miss WHEAT and be in pain.  Guess where I am?  So for people who may read this blog when you are new to GF here are some that you might not know..

Pre-Flavored Rice
Hoisen Sauce
Soy Sauce
Ketchup  check labels, heinz is gluten free

There are a lot of lists out there, but they are vast and huge.  So the little things you miss.  You get the big ones.. But the little ones, those are the suckers that will have you holding your guts in pain.

Learn from me, don't have flavored rice.  Or make damn sure it doesn't have wheat in it.

Additional info.
Call, email etc companies they are more than willing to help you!

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