A reminder..

Life is short!  Life is random.  And we are blessed.

I always think that my dad got the short end, but yet again I am wrong.  We are wrong.  He got the life he was supposed to have.  Does it make it less sucky, nope but we got to say goodbye.

My husbands old friend didn't get to say goodbye to his mom.  That is unfair!  To be having fun at a casino and drop of a heart attack, that sucks.  That's random.  And reminds us to live each day!!

Rest in Peace Lorraine.  We will miss you (and your wheat puff squares, chocolate cake and every other wonderful confection that you made :))


Ana Marie said...

amen to all of that!

janet h said...

RIP. we are blessed as we're still living in this world! so make every second of it worth while! :)

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