Oh my .. oh my..

It's been a long time since I've written in this here blog..

Times have changed, kids have changed, I've changed, we have all changed.. Profound I know..

I don't know the direction that this blog will be taking, but I think I'll start with MY LIFE now. 

I have been diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant.  Did you know Gluten is in freaking EVERYTHING!! NO seriously, everything!!  From sausages (I have found that Spolumbo's here is gluten free), to soy sauce, to ketchup and salad dressings.  It's in beef stock, imitation crab - these two are just information since I don't use either but still and it's hidden in so much more.  It's a whole new world.  And I have to say a bit scary.. I have never been so intimidated to go into a grocery store before.  I was always a read the label kinda gal but now it is a matter of pain or now pain.  And I'll take no pain please!  So I'll become an old pro soon, but for now it's a brand new world. 

I haven't experimented with all the new flours that I've never heard of Coconut, bean, potato, etc and I'm on the hunt for Xanthum Gum but it will come.  It has to..

Today though, I'm going to expunge the dammits..  I was fine to get rid of bread - I'm not a huge bread eater so that one was an easy one.. I will have to make a raisin bread/cinnamon bread for Christmas but that's like 25 days away..  Cake and cookies were sortof scary but whatever (that one I can see the benefits of - flat stomach here I come ;)) but I forgot about my love of cereal. I love cereal.  I can eat my Kashi, or cheerios or well any wheat square there is and totally have a meal.  But nope.  Not allowed cereal.  Well I can eat some but so far they have left me about $50 poorer (6 different types only) and no closer to a true substitute.  Blech.  I like me a cereal that has A LOT of protein so I don't have to eat again until noon.  So far none exists.  I don't like eggs as a rule so for me I have to figure out breakfasts.  Again for my health I will but it's annoying.  That's my first dammit..

My second is a dammit, do people with Gluten Allergies have so much money? Or are these companies just gouging the sick ;) I know it's now popular to be gluten free and all but come on.  Help a sister out.  I'm not part of the 1% but I'm not destitute either. $7 for 4 "granola" bars is a tad ridiculous.  Again I'm trying to look at the positive about the granola bars.  My stomach will be amazing ..

It will all work out.  It will.. And I'll be saner, and by extension healthier..

But for now it is a brand new world.  And although I'm scared, I'm excited too.  I've never thought about making coconut flour pancakes before.  Now it'll be a part of my repertoire.. Kinda cool in an i'llneverhaveagoodchocolatecakeorcookieorcerealagainway..


fullfreezer said...

Oh, but there are some fabulous gluten free recipes out there! I had a gluten free chocolate chip cookie a few weeks ago that was wonderful! You'll just have to learn to cook a new way. I'm fortunate enough to be able to eat just about anything but I've got friends who are gluten intolerant. Like them, you will learn! Try to look at is as a culinary adventure! (I know- don't throw anything at me!!) Good luck

Michelle said...

Ouc, that's rough. That said, I have a lot of friends who are or whose kids are GF. It's not so bad once you adjust. Bob's Red Mill has GF oats so you can make oatmeal and put in PB for flavor for a cheap protein packed breakfast. It ends up being a lot of make your own food kinds of things because absolutely it's too expensive to just buy the replacement foods. You'll figure it out - good luck!

Erika Taylor said...

Welcome to the world of Gluten free Jenn. We are going through it with ya.

Love ya

Jenn M said...

There are some really great recipes out there.

It's funny, I know a couple people who by choice took gluten out and they keep saying "oh it's easy .. etc etc." but it's different if on MOnday you are able to have bread or gluten and on Tuesday you have got to take it out.

I'm getting less cranky with it. Made a super meal tonight. The girls are helping me taste cookies through them. I've heard words like scrumptious etc for normal cookies. We've been using it as a teaching tool.. Explain the cookie to mom. lol

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