Skinny jeans..

I will never be "skinny" - you know what I mean.  I will never be a paper thin model, and that is totally AOK with me.  I will however fit back into my good awesome skinny jeans.  Oh right I do now!  I still have to work on the tummy and keep at it all but I've lost 17 of the 20lbs that I want to lose.  Woohoo.  I think I'll go shopping today, after bottling wine with my mom.

I've learned something about myself these last 9 weeks.  I really like control.  I like controlling how much I eat.  I forgot how much I enjoy not eating crap.  I like a good cake as much as the next guy, but I really enjoy stopping at one piece.  You enjoy food way way more. :) I still have to figure out a way to exercise every day and enjoy it.  I find that one really tough, especially on really long weekends like this one.  I don't enjoy working out with my kids around.  I do it, if I have to but I seem to rush through it.

Oh and finally, I really love short hair!  I think I lost about 2 lbs of hair on Thursday and I love it!

Happy Family day!

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Ange said...

Congrats on losing the weight so well!! I've got around 12 to go still, but it's slowly coming off.

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