New Jenny vs Old Jenny..

It is a constant struggle to keep being "NEW JENNY".  She's a tough broad.  She makes me weight and core train 5X a week and cardio 4X a week. She makes me eat vegetarian meals three times a week - tofu is less scary now and healthy "regular" food the other days - the food that Sal will eat, because as he says "something must die for me to eat it!" .. But then old Jenny, rears her ugly lazy head and wants to have a chip and the couch.

This week, I let old Jenny trickle in (but I was sick) and she found that she didn't much like the fact that new Jenny wouldn't let her have the chip. Yay for new Jenny!!  The couch did happen because well I was sick, but even in my sick haze, new Jenny told me to get my less huge butt off the couch and at least do a moderate workout.  I did moderate workout of weights and the balance ball but laid off the cardio.  Cardio made my head swim, so I figured I'd do more harm then good and then old Jenny could totally pounce.  I wouldn't let that girl back in..   So I weight and strength trained!  All in all a good week.  Now I need to find a cheap or cheaper BOSU ball,because $140 is a little steep.  But I'm cheap like that.

Have a great weekend!  

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