I give in.. I cry uncle..

Whatever it is that will make this week/month/year end I'll do it..

We have battled every (or so it seems) sickness known to man short of the really terrible ones this past year.  Today I must say it has been the kicker.  Brief history .. Emily is a nail bitter.  Always has been, betting she might not be one after this long long incident.  She ripped her hang nail out on Wednesday, I didn't notice it until Friday.  But by then it was ugly looking.  Pus, red, irritated etc but it looked like it should be healing so went with polysporin and a germ rinse.  Ha.  This kid, she doesn't do things half assed.  Nope not my kid.  She ended with a blood infection.  Yuppers.  A blood infection.  The doctor thought it could go the sepsis way, so we've been on "sepsis" watch all day.  I don't think it went that way, yet, but I'll keep watching.  After 5 hrs of sleep this afternoon she is a little happier.  Not much but a little.  So hopefully she's on the right track.  Because the medicine that I have to give the little stinker is awful.  Had to pretty much hog tie her to get it down her throat.  So yeah, I cry uncle.  I don't want to deal with the bad parts of being a parent any longer!


Jo-Ann said...

Oh no! I hope she is on the mend. We have been dealing with one illness after the other with Matthew. He has been healthy and not on meds for about 3 days since October.

I too cry uncle...

Ange said...

That so sucks!!! I really hope that things turn around for you soon, sometimes these winters just suck the big one! Good luck with the nail bitting. Pax has sucked his middle two fingers since he was a baby, when he was 19 months old he burnt them on the glass of the gas fireplace. For 3 weeks he didn't suck them, and still managed to get to sleep... but once they healed he started again :( It's been 5 years now :(

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