It's a miracle..

Or maybe its just because I've been sick.

But I made it through the week without gaining weight.  I actually lost a pound.  No binge eating for Jenny.  No "just one more" just kept with the plan and tried to eat as healthy as I could.  Sal and I went for a lunch date and I had what I figured was a healthier alternative, a Vegetarian burger, but then I came home to look at the restaurants nutritional guide and somehow my vegi burger, had 42 grams of FAT in it - WTH! I could have had a steak and potato and french fries for that.  I am hoping it was an error, but I called it 22 Weight watchers points and had a salad for supper..

I'm not feeling all that hot today.. I think B's sinus infection/strep throat incident has finally taken me out.  So my exercise will be weights today.  No running or biking today, I think it may kill me.

Have a fantastic day!

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