what day is this?

So I'm going to bore all of you. I know it, you know it and really is it a shock? Nope. But I need to be accountable to me and so I'm writing it down.

Run yesterday, sucked. But it was the first one. I still hate running, probably always will but I'll do it for my sister in law (while hoping she does get preganant and I won't have to run a half marathon lol)

Still doing really well on food. No snacks again last night - yay me. I was too busy consoling my hubby on the crushing Russia win over Canada in hockey. Actually it was more me laughing my butt off at a grown man pretty much in tears.

I went to the zoo with Emily and my mom today and then went for lunch. Wow is it ever hard to find a relatively healthy thing on the menu. Yikes. I forsee a lot of turkey in my future.

Tomorrow is the next run. Going to do some weights today.


fullfreezer said...

Hang in there. My hubby got me an elliptical for Christmas and I was pretty pathetic the first time- still am. But I'm determined to finally lose the baby weight I've carried for 16 years- and added to!!
I'm definitely not brave enough to sign up for anything at this point. Even if you are discouraged- I'm still impressed.

Crazy Mom said...

I'm doing the weight watchers meetings so if you need help or support I am here for you. Basically, I need help so please come and save me :)
It gets easier, I swear!!

Hypermama said...

bored....nope. ;)

running...definitely sucks. can't wait for the ice to go away so we can go for a ride!

food....sucks too, but its SO good! Yay for no late night snacks!


and the zoo...always fun! especially on grey gloomy days when no one is there.

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