I made it ...

I knew going into this weight loss journey for the second time, I was lucky. I had good eating habits not even 18 months ago, so I had a feeling it wouldn't be that hard. I'm on the plan, and I find it hard - but not hard in the "there is no way that I can do this in this little points" but I actually have 3 more points then I need. I eat what I'm supposed to lean protien, whole grains, all my fruits and vegi's, and still come short every day by about 2-3 points. I've talked to the plan people and they say I have to eat those two points which seems counterproductive to me. If I'm not hungry what is the point of wasting those points? Anyways, I've decided to use the plan as a guideline, because it is really neat to see how much food I consume in a day but I'm going to listen to my own body which I think is really important too.

Anyways the boring stuff out of the way. I have lost 4 pounds since last Sunday. It won't always be a 4 a week weight loss but those 4 pounds are superb!

I really believe I hate running. I always have, but again I'll do it. I ran about 600 m last night without stopping - which was not bad for my cranky attitude. I manage to run most of the 2.2 km which I'm happy for.

Maybe the goal will be switched. If I can get my body in good shape, a sprint triathalon might be a better choice for me. I can effectively run 5k, bike 40 and then if I am not going to scare people swim 750 m. We will see!


Michelle said...

Congratulations on your first week back !! Baby steps right !!

Hypermama said...

oh, join me for the tri!!

there are lots of women only, and try a tri's too. the Try a tri's are shorter distance than the sprints and the olympic.

I'm considering the Try this triathlon at UofC in May. its 500m,16k,3k

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