Now this exercise part...

So if you've been following along, I am an unhealthy slob.  Ok not totally a slob, but yucky enough that on Dec 30 I wanted to throw up because I had gotten so unhealthy, and well fat.   I carry my fat in my stomach, I had a whole extra tire that I needed gone.  G.O.N.E.  It is not gone yet, nor was I expecting it to, but I will say I've gotten the cravings and the snacks and the unhealthy food under control.  With that and some moderate exercise I have been able to lose 8 lbs.  So drumroll please I'm at 161.2.  WOOHOO.  11.2 pounds left to go! Those are all exercise pounds.  And ALL stomach fat pounds.  

First the food that's a big CHECK
Now the exercise that's a HALF CHECK.  

Bring on the motivation!!  And hope that Em doesn't screw around with the wind trainer (she's sick today, so I bet I'm ok today lol)

Have a healthy day!


Hypermama said...

woohoo! thats excellent! My problem is that I don't lose weight, just the size.

Good job on keeping with it!

but yeah, exercise SUCKS.

Michelle said...

I love that you put the 0.2 on there. I'm right there with you. I think scales that go down to that level of detail are awesome. And motivating. Unless they're going up in which case they're really depressing ;) Good luck!

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