Dear Emily!

Emily, oh Emily.  I love you so much.  You make me a little (ok a lot) crazy but what comes around goes around right? I must have really driven my mom NUTS and with any luck your son or daughter will make you want to run screaming from the building too. 

On that topic, *note to self* after you see your 4 year old with a part of your bike wind trainer in her hand, make sure you put it back correctly before going for your workout.  Otherwise your tires will drop out of the trainer and your momentum may push you right into the wall.. Oh good times.. Not that you ever did that to your mom, no not at all, just in theory. 
And finally Em you love your sister, just not as much as you love tortellini.   We get it,  but when your sister asks really nicely if you are going to finish your food (because lets face it, you don't eat) don't drop a handful of Parmesan on it just so your sister can't touch it.   It will make you look like a giant jerk.  

You love sleep.  You love getting to sleep, not so much of a fan of staying sleeping all night but whatever, I need to pee at least once a night so you are just helping me out.. Yeah your "helping".   If you can stop "helping" that would be fantastic!

Love mom


Michelle said...

Awesome. Gotta love the girls with ummm "personality" as I call it. Not that I have one of those here. Nope, not me.

MrsETaylor said...

OMG roflmao. Love ya Jennifer

Hypermama said...

hee hee....our girls, always keeping us on our toes.

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