I love this city. This city that I have called home for so many years. I do. I love it. I take the good with the ugly. And by ugly I mean the -29C. Today I'm trying to remind myself that its ok. That it will only be a week, but brrr.. When that wind hits ya going 50km/h you can feel every celsius!

When the headline in the news is "if you don't have to go out ... don't" its not a good day.. But sadly for my children, I believe in going to school no matter what. If my car starts, and it did, then sorry kiddos you will be going to school. And since the school board has the same mentality, I have to go truck them to school. The whole kilometer will be tough lol..

Stay warm!

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Hypermama said...

Brr Shiver Shiver!

Its great when you're being all cocky about there's no wind, then you walk a kid to school and find the wind. AAAGH!

I agree with you - if the vehicle starts, and the news doesn't say your school is closed. then sorry darlin's but you're going!

Isn't Calgary a great place?

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