Day 3..

Day 2 always sucks no matter what you say. Day one, you have all the hope in the world. You have a goal, you are excited. Day two, sucks. You just are plain hungry. You wake up hungry, and go to bed hungry - which in my case, causes headaches and shakes and just plain being miserable. But I stuck with my plan. I had one extra snack but it was a zero point snack in a banana and glass of water. I didn't snack at night - which is my Achilles heal. I eat when bored. I had a cup of herbal tea. I still went to bed wanting food but I didn't feel starved, just hungry.

Day 3 is better. Today I woke up feeling much better. I'm not starving. I had a simple a 7 point breakfast consisting of special k, yogurt and coffee with skim milk. I had somehow just gotten lazy and cheap and didn't want to buy 2 types of milk so I started drinking 2 and 1 percent with the kids so going back to skim that part was really easy!

So today feels like a good day. I'll start my running plan tomorrow when Em goes back to school. And then let the fat just fly off :)

Have a great and healthy day!

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Hypermama said...

I agree....days 2-4 SUCK. thankfully the holidays are over and the awesomely yummy goodies are GONE.

I'm running tomorrow too.


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