20% done...80% to go..

Well I am pleased to say in the first 10 days, I have managed to lose 20% of my goal. I have lost the first 5 pounds! Yay me. With the exception of last night where my child was bleeding all over the kitchen (another story, for another day) I haven't felt like eating the entire kitchen. So woohoo Jenny. 5 pounds gone, 20 to go!

Going for a bike ride today in my living room.

Have a healthy day!


Hypermama said...


Michelle said...

Good job Mama !!

Crazy Mom said...

You have a way with making me feel like I am not doing enough to attain my weight goal. Are you sucking my motivation through the wall?? lol Way to go, keep on it!!!

Jenn M said...

Haha Ali. Nope. Really the first week is the easiest. Just the excess garbage in your system. I'm expecting the other 20 to be really freaking hard!

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