Again time and life ..

So this is the year, again. I swore I wouldn't be a stat. I wouldn't be this chick that lost 80lbs and gained any of it back. I did. And now I get to take off 25. So still not the whole weight gain but enough. I could justify buying new clothes, I could justify that I just would rather sit my butt on the couch (because I work a lot, blah blah blah) then go and get off the couch and while I'm there lets have a cookie. And this is where that got me. Oh well. Not going to dwell. Signed up for a running Half Marathon. Going to do it with my sister in law. Signed up for Weight Watchers online, because I kind of want to track what I eat. So there are my two things. Oh I found a run your first half marathon plan so I'm going to go on my first run again on Wednesday. This will be my journal of that.

2011 bring it on! Oh and this isn't a resolution. It was coincidence. I just happened to hit rock bottom 3 days before new years. When you walk not even 20 feet to your garage and slightly lose footing on the ice and it tweaks your back so badly that you can't walk at all, you know you need to start getting muscles again!


Michelle said...

Good Luck Jen...I'm sure you will see positive results with everything you are doing this year.

I love the Weight Watchers on-line program but I'm thinking of going to the meetings now for a little more incentive.

Jenn M said...

Yeah I don't do the group thing so for me this should work. I know the basics for everything, its just the monitoring that I have a huge problem with. We will see. And really I've blown $60 on much stupidier things (like cakes lol) so if it works great.. :)

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