Now isn't this great.

I have pneumonia. Great time for it huh. Not even close to being done Christmas shopping and I have NO energy. I wake up, I try to eat, my body refuses food, I go back to sleep, I take my medication, I sleep, I try again to eat, manage to have a cracker, I "try" to play with Emily, I sleep, I try to drink oj because its good for me, I sleep. See a pattern? Oh and I have to be on a plane to Victoria on Saturday for an anniversary party. This is going to be a long month. I will get through it. At least the tree is up. :)

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Michelle said...

Ohhhh that's not good. I feel for you. While I don't have pneumonia, I had something nasty earlier this week and haven't eaten a true meal since Monday breakfast. In fact, I have a bowl of rice sitting next to me that I'm trying to eat right now. Plain white rice. And I get the exhaustion thing, too. I hope you feel better soon - listen to your body!

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