Designated device?

Seriously? Seriously?

So I've been watching these ad's for the last month and I can't quite comprehend them. I'm not a dummy, but maybe I am?

In today's Calgary herald, the caption is "police leary of personal breathalyzer". Um yeah. This new device is called the "blow before you go" -supposedly you blow into a bag and then the yellow crystals will turn green if you are above the legal limit. Again, I'm obviously not that bright but if you think you should blow into this bag, shouldn't that be a sign that you are probably not in the best state to drive? Sal thinks it would've been a great drinking game back in the day, for a goof. Woohoo lets see how drunk I am, but to use it as a tool to see if you could drive? That's just stupidity. Take a cab, have a designated driver but only use this device as a lark.


Michelle said...

I'm with ya on that one... but the people who NEED a device like that to decide if they will drive or not? They'll drive without using it otherwise. And that is so sad to me. Freaks me out!

Jenn M said...

I think what freaks me out the most is using this device and either reading it wrong because you are too drunk to decide if its yellow or green or alternately the device simply malfunctioning and saying you are sober when in reality you are stone cold drunk.

Marisa said...

dah...doesn't make any since to me either.

Jen ( said...

I have to agree. If you've been drinking at all, you shouldn't be driving. Get a DD, take a cab or other form of public transpo, or limit it to less than a drink every two hours (and wait before driving). I get to see the results when people drink and drive and don't get lucky. It's not pretty.

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