Well that makes sense..

So today, November 23, 2010, my fair city has been awarded a dubious distinction.

We were at 12 noon today the 2nd, yup that's right, the SECOND coldest place on EARTH, next to the south pole today. *It now has been noted of all places with an airport - like that makes a big amount of difference? * Wow. Don't believe me? Yeah I didn't either until I checked around.. Read the article here That actually doesn't surprise me as I've been saying all week it is seriously BRRRRRR.

I don't do well in -30C weather (that's about -22F). It sucks to drive in, it sucks to have to bring your kids to school in - although I am mean and they have no choice. I am cold all the time. But on the plus it will be about 0C by the weekend. Yay for Calgary.


Sara said...

Don't you just love this city. I am ready for 0 on Thursday or Friday. Stay warm!

Jenn M said...

Yup it is awesome Sara. My head is a little scared - darn chinooks ;)

Michelle said...

I left Fort McMurray to get away from the cold and they were actually warmer then us. Something is seriously wrong with that.

Michelle said...

Ohhhhh I am so sorry. I don't do cold. It got into the 20s (F) and I was unhappy. I'm so sorry. Truly.

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