Random things..

First, to my lovely husband, why oh why did you have to buy 36 rolls of 1 ply toilet paper? Seriously, pay the extra $2 to get decent stuff.

And second, my father is haunting me. No seriously, not joking. Case in point, I've deleted "White Sport Coat, by Marty Robbins" about oh I don't know 30 times from my ipod and it keeps coming back. So dad, yeah I won't delete it again. Why did I have it on my ipod in the first place? It was on my dad's funeral processional/recessional. Gah. Could be worse.


Sara said...

Yes, toilet paper is one thing you should never go cheap on. lol

And it sounds like that song is meant to stay close to you. :)

Michelle said...

Ohhhh I'm with ya on the toilet paper. Ditto with the kleenex! And 36 rolls will last a long time. Well, maybe not quite so long as it would were it two ply ;)

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