I am blessed.

Have you ever got so caught up in the weeds that you forget the flowers that grow within? This week I have. I've been so angry and frustrated and just plain sad that I forgot what I have. I have so much to be thankful for that I had to hit rock bottom sadness to see it..

I have these two kids that are amazing..

I have a husband who even though he steals my chocolate loves me and all my flaws and makes me laugh.

I was able to see the most amazing sunrise on Friday.

I have a few great friends, and lets face it, all you need is one or two great great friends. I have a mom who I love so much. I have a dad who is looking over my family (and again, how many can say they have their own personal angel?). I have a brother and sister who I think are great. I just found a recipe for bacon ginger cookies - cookie batter, ginger and bacon can you do better??

You want to know what made me realize all this? It wasn't the smiling face of my kids. It wasn't my husband who tried really hard. It wasn't anything like that.

It was a nutcracker. A cheap superstore set of 4 nutcrackers. I don't particularly like nutcrackers. If I was to be honest, they kind of scare me with their creepy faces. But this set of 4 nutcrackers reminded me of a friend. (not the scary creepy part - just her huge love of them) And it made me smile. It reminded me of my kids, my wicked husband, the beautiful sunrise I saw on Friday. It reminded me that life is like a nutcracker - quirky, strange, beautiful, and even a little sad. And that's ok. Life is kinda shitty sometimes.

And you can bet that little cheap set of nutcrackers will be on my Christmas tree this year to remind me of all the good and bad sides of life. And hopefully the ginger bacon cookies will be good. :)

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Michelle said...

I love how you found that joy - it's perfect.

But ummm bacon ginger cookies? I certainly hope you're sharing that recipe. YUM!

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