Angry at such a huge failure!! ..Again and again...

I'm really angry right now, so please bare with my rant.

GP's have to start getting more aware that a cough is not a cough if it lasts for a long time. GP's need to be aware of all the pre-symptoms of cancer. Including coughs, "colds" etc. They have to learn what to look for what to deal with. Yes the system is overwhelmed but when this isn't a new phenomenon they have to get better checks and balances. The whole freaking medical system anywhere, have to have better protocols in XRAYS, CT scans etc etc.

My momma is losing her best friend either today or tomorrow because her doctor kept giving her anti-biotics for the cough and not searching deeper. She had freaking cancer in every major organ, just like my dad, by the time it was "caught" well f# you it wasn't caught, it was a death sentence. My dad was lucky, he had 14 months. My mom's friend had 3. Three months. I am so angry right now I could hurt someone. I am so mad that someone else that I know was screwed by this medical system and the utmost failure of GP's to look deeper.

You are supposed to trust your family doctor, you are supposed to believe that that doctor knows what the hell they should and that includes scary diseases. I have NO trust any longer in GP's. This is not the second time I've heard this particular scenario, this is probably the 20th in the last year.

So yeah, I'm so sad for my mom, again. I'm so sad. But I am even more just plain old pissed off.

And my last thing, if you have a cough that lasts more than a month, DO NOT just take antibiotics, insist on a full bloodwork workup to check for all antibodies. Make sure that it is only a cough. It probably is, but what if it wasn't?

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