It's going to be a long year..

Have you ever sat on a school council? I've been to a few meetings but this year with a brand new school, I wanted to be an active participant. Well I will be active, last night I watched and listened. Last night was the first "meeting" and like expected it kinda went sideways fast. But it was very very educational. You found out who needed to be heard, who the talkers were going to be, who were the listeners. These are all pretty interesting. I'm not a talker by nature, but I will speak up if I believe something needs to be said. Last night wasn't one of those. I watched.

I heard about difficulties in parking, walking, gates etc. And they are all interesting. Yes the parking sucks, it does. But really it is my choice to drive less than a km to the school so I take it as it is. Signage, a yield sign was in question but I personally think you can have 10 signs up about no parking, speeding etc but unless people get hit where it hurts - their wallets - nothing will be changed. People are rude. Drivers are ridiculous. I've been almost hit 4 times since Sept 2, because parents-I say parents because they are the ones who are parking and driving on the street in question-are in a hurry and don't think that the crosswalk is for walking. Heck at any intersection, people don't know what to do about pedestrians.

A few things were accomplished that were super positive. The Alberta school council rep will come in to the school in a couple of weeks to share what the school council is responsible for - which like many parents, I really don't know. I've read a lot on the web about it but don't have a clear understanding on how things are run. So that will be great. And yay Halloween will be "celebrated" in an educational manner. So no silly black and orange day - I'm very excited about that.

Now that I've bored you to death ;) What else is new? I'm thinking about taking a hundred day challenge, but I have to figure out what I want to do. I'm leaning towards a hundred days of "inconvenience" so not a store bought granola bar, not a prepackaged meal nothing. Nada. Everything completely natural and made by hand. Has anyone done that? I'm a little freaked out by this possibility, but excited too. I think I would have to put a contingency in it though, I want one night a month where we can go to a restaurant, or order takeout or do something convenient. So stay tuned. :)

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Michelle said...

Parent councils...Love them hate them I have always found it good to be part of them. I feel I have a right to complain if I'm actually part of the process to make things better. Faruq has done the last year and this year on the council and it has been an eye opener for him.

Is there a school in the city that doesn't have parking issues....our's isn't too bad because it's a small school but I remember Hadyen's first school and it was a nightmare.

I totally love the idea of a 100 day challenge and just might have to steal that from you !

Nice to see you blogging again !

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