Can you say neglected>

So I've been a very neglecting blogger. I have whims and then I forget, but basically I'm just plain busy.

Summer was a mess of camping, daycamps, kids, zoo's, trips etc and they were all great in there own way.

I got to camp with bears .. granted not the most fun when you are by yourself with two girls. Can we say "crap, girls get into the van NOW, drop your game of monopoly and go" That was fun, and I have to say the closest I've ever gotten to a bear, and hopefully will ever get to a grizzly. Yay.

Went to Edmonton with my mom and the girls. It is always fun going away with my mom. I love my mommy.

Now we are back fully into the swing of things for school. Most of the checks have come out, I've unofficially dubbed the month of September as the "wink and a prayer" month. Because we just try to break even lol and not forget about one of the many checks that have been written.

Bella is in Grade ONE. Can't quite believe it. Emily is in preschool for the second year. We have hopes that she will talk to people other than us. Yesterday, she said 4 words in school. Then came home to tell us all the exciting things that have happened. Kids.

Well there you go, because as some of you have pointed out, I have been quite absent. I apologize.

I'll post pictures when I have a spare second, because what fun is a blog without pictures.

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Jo-Ann said...

Welcome back! I find summer too busy to blog as well. Hoping to get back into things now that both boys are in school all day....oh, just saying that sends shivers down my spine....

We had a small bear encounter, just not as close as yours was! Yikes!

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