One in 15 ...

1 in 15 that is how many times husbands are right. (according to the ER doctor in a snicker) And sadly the one time Sal was right and I should have gotten my butt to the doctor, I figured it was like the rest of the time and he was over-reacting. NOPE.

So here I sit, 2 days later with a oozing pus filled ear that has a nice big old hole in it from a perforated eardrum. Did I shove something in it? Nope. Did I ignore pain? YUP. Will I listen to Sal? Nope, I have another 14 times before he's right again. lol

I can't move for the ringing. The oozing is probably the most disgusting thing that I have ever experienced. Friday morning at 3am, I woke up to a pus and blood filled pillow. Let me tell ya, the yuckiest feeling ever. I had pain since about 4pm but it was just annoying and a little painful but I just figured I'd get to the doctor in the morning. Well I did make it to the doctor. I ended up in the ER with a perforated ear drum. Good thing, I was in and out of the hospital within 2 hours and with some awesome drugs.

Now, I'm stuck at home without the ability to go very far. The elevation change between the bedroom and the living room pops my ears brutally so I won't be leaving the house for a few days. That means that I get to entertain 2 children on Easter break from the living room. Good times.

So yes, I should have listened to my husband and went to the doctor before my ear perforated but in all reality it probably wouldn't have done any good. I was already too far gone ;)


fullfreezer said...

Ouch, Ouch and Ouch! I hope you are soon on the mend.

Michelle said...

Ohhhh you poor thing! That does not sound pleasant. Little Miss had a burst eardrum once when we were on vacation, although she never had any pain - I just suddenly noticed blood coming from her ear. She seemed to heal and recover pretty quickly, and I hope you do, too! Yikes!

Jo-Ann said...

Oh no! That sounds positively horrific, compounded by the fact that two little ones are underfoot!

Hope you are feeling better asap!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record.... being right 1 in 15 attempts is an average, not a pattern. While you can choose to ignore Sal for the next 14 comments, you do so at your peril. He may be right again on the next comment followed by 28 wrong answers still maintaining a 1 in 15 ratio. Of course, it could be a wrong comment, then a right comment, then 27 wrongs.... you never know.

The best thing to do is ALWAYS listen to Sal and mock him for being wrong after-the-fact.

Jenn M said...

That is true Mark. I do enjoy the mocking of my husband, as I'm sure Erika enjoys mocking you.

Anonymous said...

My average is better than Sal's and she still doesn't listen ;)

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