6th is the charm?

Maybe just maybe the 6th medication in 14 days is the charm?

I have been on 3 antibiotics and two pain meds in 14 days. I have been methodical and manic about taking these medications because I want the pain and the infection gone. I have had ups and downs throughout this entire process. I'll be honest, the whining is annoying me, but it hurts darnit! Today I decided that enough was enough and I needed to see my GP. I waited for 2 hours in the waiting room before the chance to see her. Yay (thank goodness, I decided to drop the girls off at my moms)

Anyways she looked in my right ear, said hmph you still have an infection and darn that hole is pretty big. Goody.. Asked which drugs I was on, showed her and she said hmph those should have cleared it up by now. I'm going to prescribe a wowza antibiotic. This will kill every crappy germ in your ear and system. That as a rule would freak me out. But I'm putting my hatred of pills out the window and having this next set.

So now I will have been on 4 antibiotics and two painkillers. Lets hope I'm home free now..

On a good note though, she did say that I should only have to be off my bike for about a week max 2.. Thank goodness for that!
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