It wasn't an urban myth..

For a long time, I really believed something was an urban myth. Something that was shown but never given. Or at least I never got it. But I am now a proud owner of said urban myth..

I just recieved my very first final grade in my very first class towards my very positive improved life..


I am pretty excited that I'm starting out this new phase of my life with a 6.0 out of 4.0 GPA YEEHAW..

And I had my Med Term class midterm and received a 90%. YAY. Maybe this is the right place for me!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I biked about 2 hours total this week. Will bike for two hours tomorrow. Once to my mother in laws and once to my moms.


Michelle said...

WTG Jenn - Congrats ! You are well on your way to a new career !!

Michelle said...

Oh rock on! That's awesome. I stopped getting A+'s after high school. Kudos to you, and I'm so glad you've found what looks to be the right place for you!

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