I'm a little bit mean..

*Update* Ok I really am mean. The whole family had the Norwalk Virus so it was bad. So M and A, I'm sorry, and if you need anything I'll drop item and run as fast as I can away from your house. :)

"Have you ever puked so much that you thought you were going to die" this coming from my brother this morning. I guess he did. And so did his wife and even my nephew were not immune.

I nodded. Because that was what every day of pregnancy with both my kids was like. Well 16 of the 18 months that I was pregnant. I giggled to myself when I thought of that. Yup 16 months of puking my guts out anywhere from 6-12 times daily. Oh good times. So Yup, I've puked so much I thought I was going to die.

I do hope that everyone in that family gets better, because it sucks the big one when you are sick and even worse when your baby is sick too.

They went into the rude world of "having a baby changes everything" because when you are sick, and your baby is sick, you just get to suck it up and deal with the baby. Ahh the good old days.. Personally I liked being sick at the same time as my kids, because when you are sick and they are getting over the sickness its a whole lot worse. Kids don't stop. And having to deal with a happy child when you are wretching your guts out is not the most pleasant..

On that happy note, I went to the gym today. Got to see a bright purple unitard. That was fun. Wow! I didn't know they made them in so many colors. I've managed to see a purple, blue and green one in the last week. The humanity.. ;)

Have a great week!


Jo-Ann said...

Adult sized purple unitard? Ohhhhhh, aren't you lucky to witness that...

Jenn M said...

Yup it was an adult female, probably 50's with *cough* camel toe and all. Good times..

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