Not a real word, but sums up what I'm feeling today. (and yesterday)

I'm pretty good at my cardio workouts. Biking, running and walking, but man I suck at remembering the actual muscles involved. So my goal is to do both cardio and weight training. And man my abs, arms and legs are feeling some serious pain.

And to add insult to injury I'm way behind the eight ball in terms of what I could do.

At my peak last year, I was able to do about 150 curl ups, 35 pushups(I'm a wimp) 3 sets of every weight workout. Now I'm crying in pain over 40 curls, 10 pushups, 30 second plank.. Oh my. But I'm going to keep doing this. I hate the flabby. I like the toned. And my girls are like evil taskmasters so with them telling me everyday to do my workout, I won't be able to slack off. I think they like punishing me :)

Oh and one more thing GO CANADA GO.

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Angela said...

I know the feeling, the few times I've gotten a work out in, I'm shocked at how much I've lost since the summer :( If we both keep pushing ourself, and not slacking for long, we will do just fine!

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