A point in everyones life..

Where they have to realize what they are good at and what they are not.

I am not ever going to be able to do anything related to the heart. I hate studying the heart. So many valves, so little give a damn. But that's ok. The hospital is a big place and I hopefully will not ever need to know more than the basics to the heart.

have a final next Saturday, then the following one. Hopefully I can start the next course here pretty soon. :)

Biked the equivalent from here to Medicine hat in the month of February. So about 300k. Happy with that.

Have a great weekend.

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Michelle said...

Oh I constantly thank God that the hospital is big and that it allows for so many specialities, as there are so many detailed things that it would be impossible for any one person or group to know them all. And the heart and its workings? Ummmm I'm with you! Good luck on your finals!

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