It has been 2 years..

Since the world crumbled. Well my families world. 2 years ago today, my dad went to the hospital in Phoenix. He wasn't feeling great. He was feeling pretty awful actually.. And 2 hours later, he was told the devastating news. The news that would change our family forever. He was given the news that his left kidney was a tumor and was no longer functioning.. Oh and he had 4 other small tumors in his guts. And oh if that wasn't bad enough, he was going to die. He had to get home NOW. Don't wait until the end of the holiday, if you want to see your family GET HOME NOW. Could you imagine hearing that 2500km away from home?

But today, although sad, I am thankful. I am thankful that my two wonderful girls got to meet Grandpa. Bella will probably remember much more, but even Emily, can point out Grandpa's picture. I am thankful that my daddy defied the odds and outwitted and with pure stubbornness, outlasted the 1 month "deadline" they gave him. We were able to say goodbye. We had 14 months to "prepare" although I must say, nothing can prepare you for saying goodbye and not having a dad in the flesh.. I am thankful that I will always carry my daddy in my heart.

And I am very thankful for this picture. Because it sums my daddy up..


Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you had the time to say goodbye, as hard as that had to have been. This is something that I worry about regularly....

Jennifer said...
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