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This is what I've been feeling like for a few weeks now. I'm trying. I really am trying. I'm trying to have a good Christmas for the girls. They are what make it so I do Christmas. But I am finding this year tough. Obviously, Dad would be irritated that I would take a little old thing like him dying, and make it about me, but I'm going to. I miss my dad.

So what does a girl do when she misses her dad and doesn't want to do Christmas? She pulls the carpet out of her house, paints all the walls in various shades of blue and grey and has a "revitalization" done to her house. So that is what's new and exciting in this house.

Oh we were supposed to go to Bella's christmas concert, but alas the child ended up getting the runs and it went up and I mean all up, her party dress and we had to go home. It was heartbreaking. She was so sad, so scared and so sad. I started crying to her teacher. The poor lady probably thought I was a nut. I am still crying.. But she has another concert tomorrow so hopefully it was a fluke. She doesn't seem sick at all..

Renos, dad and a sick kid do not make for an emotionally stable me. Ack.

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Michelle said...

Poor Bella...that makes me cry just reading it. Has to happen at the most undesirable time too.

Can't wait to see the pictures of your reno...I loved the paint color pics.

Thinking of you Jenn during this Christmas and know that your dadd is watching from above and with you in spirit ! Have a good holiday !!

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