Prayer Request Please..

I believe in the power of prayer. I can't tell you what system I believe in, but I do believe in humanity.

My friend had her baby 6 weeks early. This little bundle of joy is tiny, has problems breathing, and a host of other problems. 2 days ago, it didn't look like she was going to make it. Now things are starting to turn around. But I am asking for your thoughts, or prayers.

Please pray from Ryley the sweet baby girl born 6 weeks early. Pray for my friend Melanie, her husband Jarrod and their two other boys to continue to have strength to get through this incredibly difficult but ultimately rewarding time.

Thank you!


Michelle said...

Oh that is rough. I've had friends with babies come early and have problems. I'll definitely be praying for all of them. That isn't easy, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone -- I just hope they have the support they need.

Alicia said...

you got it!! that sweet baby is definitely in our prayers!! keep us posted!

American History said...

Keeping your friend's baby and family in our prayers as well. We sent a prayer request to Church of the Holy Sepulcher thanks to God bless.

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