The Annoying Fundraising Chick

The annoying Fundraising Chick strikes again!!

It has begun. My 2010 quest to Conquer Cancer! First off, if you can spare a few dollars please visit the Ride to Conquer Cancer website and my personal page here

Secondly, my first fundraiser of the year will be on Friday. Yup, this Friday. Ever heard of Stella and Dot? They are a fab company that create the coolest "bling". Really funky jewlery

My friend Sue is having a trunk show for me, and her commission will be going directly to help me Conquer Cancer.
Anyhoo, to help out a great cause, get some bling, please go to Sue's site find me as the hostess Jennifer M and then wait for your bling.

Thanks so much. And I will only be annoying until I reach my goal of $8500. So basically right up until June 2010. :)


Michelle said...

Sorry I can't make the party (maybe one day we will meet) - I placed my order today though and wish you lots of sales for your party !

Jenn M said...

Thanks Michelle.

And your forgiven. I'm pretty sure your birthday should be celebrated with your wonderful family!

I LOVE YOU said...


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