Ramblings and Camping..

We did it. We went camping for the first time in 6 years. With kids.

I can honestly say once we got our crap together heads around the fact that camping is not the same as it once was, re: sitting in front of a campfire and drinking a beverage and reading a book we had a great time. But I will be the first to admit by about 5 Friday, I was ready to say experiment failed and go home. Then we, well I (as Sal whittled a spoon) realized that my kids don't sit for anyone even at home so why would they in the woods.

So we walked them, we hiked them, we nature'd them, we wore the little buggers out and in the process we wore ourselves out. Then we had the relaxing after the kids went to bed. Good lesson to learn.

Oh and an air mattress is a wonderful thing if tenting.

Now onto the other business at hand. Healthy living, revisited. Meal planning, check. I have my healthy meal plan for the next two weeks planned out. Exercise plan done. I will be nice to hubby and start it all after at least one monster is in bed, 3X a week. I found partners to help me re: get my butt off the couch, because they are waiting for me.


Jo-Ann said...

Glad your camping trip turned out to be a good experience. You are right, it is a lot of entertaining out there, but at least it is fun entertaining. I for one would rather hike, bike, explore then play hot wheels all day. lol

We are all excited to head out camping on Friday.

Alicia said...

i love camping! the kids love it too!! i haven't been able to go this summer...but after reading your post i really want to go!!

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