Need a name change..

I've changed.

I'm still just a girl with a bike and a dream.

But this blog has evolved more than I anticipated.

I really didn't believe that I'd fall in love with blogging. But I like boring people entertaining people with my crazy and somewhat scattered life.

So I need a facelift, a makeover, a name change.

Any ideas on names?

Still the same theme, I'm still a girl with tears a bike and a family that supports me..



Alicia said...

ohhh thats a toughie...i'm gonna have to brainstorm

Marisa said...

ha...we are on the same wave length as you can see by my comment name. I just started feeling comfortable enough blogging to start using my real name...goodbye Marjean...hello Marisa. Marjean is still part of my blog title and I would like to change it to Marisa as well but I am nervous I might screw something up and loose my blog or my followers. I'm not very "techie". Let me know how you make out with your title change. That may be the push I need to go ahead with my own changes.

Jenn M said...

Thanks Alicia, and Marisa I'm 99% sure you won't lose your blog or followers. I think its a simple change. I'll let you know. :)

Sara said...

Words that come to mind when I think of you Jenn... courageous, strong, wise, journey, love, family, leader, mom, health. Maybe you can incorporate some into your new title if you want. Hard to think of a new name.

And you shouldn't lose your blog or any followers with your name change. You can keep the address of your blog and just change the name. Everyone will still know where you are. Good luck! xx

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