It's my birthday...

It's my birthday .. woohoo..

32 wonderful and delightful years of me being on this earth. I was and still am a perfect person. Didn't cause my parents any problems any major problems, not even my mom. That 45 hour labour was easy. And she almost never, er once a year brings it up. My dad isn't around this year to say how he slept stayed up with mom for those 45 delightful hours. Yeah dad, I knew you were full of crap, but it's our little secret.

This year, I've had a pretty low key birthday. No hoopla for me. Just a lunch with my mom and the girls. Sal's bringing home dinner and a cake.

I got what I wanted. Although it made me cry like a waterfall. My mom framed two pictures of dad for me. They are my favorite pictures. One I carried in my back pocket my bike ride, and the other is my dad teaching me how to skip. Good memories.

I will say, I'm down 2 "events" have 3 left. I'll be honest those 3 are going to suck. But life goes on. I'm going to remember the good times. I can see clearly through the tears. I will always miss my daddy, he was a great man. Full of faults but he loved his family, he loved his life.

So dad, I missed your phone call today. I missed hearing your voice. I miss you trying to fill me with a crock of poop about how hard it was for you checking your eyelids for holes waiting up with mom for 40+ hours. I miss you. But it's my birthday and I'm not going to wallow in pity. I'm just going to say,

Happy birthday to me!!

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