If I make it until

70 with my nose, I'll be shocked. I try to use an ample amount of sunscreen on the darn thing, but it sucks it up and then I burn. Oh well. Hopefully time and technology will be in my favor..

on another note, but still the same .. I have figured out what is worse than a sunburn on my nose, chaffed bum from a bike. And yes this is TMI, but gross. It's so flippin itchy. I used the butt balm the first day, but for some reason didn't the second and man my bum is chaffed and peeling and just plain disgusting.. So for all of you that are thinking about doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer next year, remember the butt balm. You will not regret it.. :)


Juls said...

Ouch. Chaffed buns = no fun. I don't think I could ride my daughter's bike down the block....so you go girl! What an achievement to ride that long!

Alicia said...

oh no! sounds painful! i love that you used butt balm!

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