Irony at its best..

So I'm feeling awesome. My knee is a bit sore still, so that means my bike isn't fitting me properly and I need to get it rechecked, but that's doable..

The ironic part .. I got so wind and sun burnt this weekend, even with SPF 45 that if I get skin cancer at a cancer event I'd probably laugh. Sadly I was one of the non-burnt people in comparison..

Oh so I've been asked what kind of bikes were on the event.. Three that are super notable. An old 1 speed. Yep the ones from 35 years ago. Wowza. A BMX bike, you know the ones that have a wheel size of 15 inches.. and what we dubbed as monster tire guy. These tires were flippin huge, probably 3 inches in width. Crazy.

Have a great week.

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Alicia said...

ouch! good luck with the burns!!

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