The good stuff .. haha

So off I went this morning for another 100+ kilometer bike ride. First 50 awesome. Then I look to the left and the right to see the biggest fattest most ugly .. black cloud. Uh oh. Ok it's in the distance, I can do this. And I did. I spent 25 kilometers having the most exhausting. most wet, most horrible bike ride of my life, this far. Sheeting rain, hail the size of small soccer balls, wind that makes a girl grip her handlebars tighter. Oh man was it ugly..

I got back to my moms 75 kilometers after I started and was a muddy mess. My shoes were so wet that I'm pretty sure I wrung about 3/4 cup of water out of each sock. Yep it was that awesome.. I kept doing little things.. Just until you hit X, then if you make it to McDonalds.. But when I made it to McDonalds near Glenmore reservoir, I can't figure out if the blue sky near Woodbine was the "after" or the "before" so I figured I should skip the hot hot coffee and bike my butt off just in case.

I learned something today though, I can do anything! Nothing is going to stop me. Not the blinding rain, not the hills from he$$, not the sad memories. Nothing is going to stop me. I can bike 200km, June 26/27th and I am darn well going to have fun!!

As a side note, I could have stopped at McDicks. Woodbine had already gotten the rain. Actually mom was waiting for a rescue me call. Ha, Jenny doesn't need a rescue. But darn its nice to have a great momma, ready to come rescue me. :)


marjean said...

Hi Jenn, I just came across your blog and was just reading through all the wonderful things you said about your Dad. I lost my Mom to cancer below the belt...bowel cancer...when I was 19. She was only 47. Until I started blogging about three months ago I didn't really have a way to honor my Mom other than contribute to the Cancer Society whenever I could.In April I started the first of what I hope will become what I call an annual "Bum Plug" to stress the importance of early screening to prevent others from dying so young from a disease that is curable if detected early. You mat be interested in reading-

What you're doing to raise money for cancer is fantastic!

Alicia said...

Way to go!! I'm so glad you didn't let the rain get you down! You are so awesome!! Your family must be so proud!

Juls said...

Your kind words have meant so much to me. I'm so glad you found me. I've spent the last little bit reading through your blog, and I will be back to read more. To date, this has been the hardest thing I've dealt (still dealing)? with-- and it's a blessing to find someone else who has walked in my shoes. Big hugs to you.

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